Rocket Cash

Rocket Cash is system that finds out patterns of high frequency tranding and calculates then using artificial intelligence and "big data technoligy".

5% DAILY for 50 days

How It Work?

We are

A team of financial experts and developers that are reday to share their success with you. we are based in five continents and we all have one passion : cryptomoney.

We do

Focus on finding out pump-&-dump schemes to develop complex systems of Cryptocurrency trade that can predict Relegram schemes with an accuracy that goes up to 95%.

You trust

A company registered in the united Kingdom which allows you to see all of the tramsactions from our bot to ensure transparency.

Enjoy affiliation levels

Our partners and investors are offerd an excellent multi-level affiliate system with three levels.

Get paid now

All withdrawals are done instantly with no delays thanks to our fully automated bot.

Feel secure

The safety of your funds is our biggest concern. This is why we rely on SSL certificate and high efficient firewalls to protect our web application. As we also use daily updated DDOS proctection and Global CDV Acceleration.

Get live interstest

We offer you the possibility to watch you capital growth live, thanks to our instant minute-by-minute calculations of our investers benefits.

Don't stop

We can keep your investments working 24h/7d. As long as Cryptocurrency is going you keep earning benefits.

Risk Management

Our risk management department works 24/7 to secure your investment.

No matters what the market situation is, the Rocket Cash Bot keeps processing humbreds of gigabuts of daily data to build effective schemes and patterns.

Rock Cash perfoms its calculations based on market news and historical data, while our AI drills more than 50 000 trainings a day. This is why Rocket Cash is infinitely more effective than any human trade specialist.


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Frequently Asking Question’s

Rocket Cash is a successful British company that develops advanced and complex systems for cryptocurrency trading with a focus on detecting and predicting Pump-&-dumps schemes with an accuracy that is as high as 95%.
Becoming a partner is as easy as taking candy from a baby! Start your deposit with bitcoin address, press "ENTER" and then you can start investing.
Presently, the smallest deposit amount and the minimum withdrawal amount are both 0.001BTC while maximal deposit and withdrawal are both unlimited. Withdrawals are done instantly with no delays.
Pump-&-dump is marking the dishonest practice of artificial price inflation by encouraging investors to buy shares while the price is high.
Thanks to our connection to all major crypto exchanges, every time our AI detects a coin that will get pump and dumped, Rocket Cash buys it and sell it for the highest possible price.
There is no human error possible in our company since only our system decides what to do with the money. Our multinational has developed an algorithm which generates a minimal loss. In the six months testing period, before making Rocket Cash platform official, our algorithm made more than 3% profit every single day.
You can make as many deposits as you wish as long as the minimum is 0.001BTC and the maximum is 2bTC
Of course! You can add as many accounts and Bitcoin address as you want.
Your investment are running forever.
Yes! We offer a program with three levels of affiliation. In the 3rd level, you get 1% referral commission from your direct referral forever deposit, in the 2nd level you get 2% and in the 1st level you get 5%.

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